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Miena Yoo

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Miena Yoo was born and grew up in a small town called Samga, in South Korea. Samga was surrounded by beautiful mountains and a river, the Yangcheon, where she used to swim in the summer and skate in the winter. Miena's dad, Seong Bang Yoo, was a veterinarian, and she accompanied him, going from farm to farm curing sick animals across the countryside. Her mother, Kee Hee Che, was an assistant nurse at Miena's dad's clinic, and she was active in her hometown church choir. Miena also used to sing with her mother in the church children's group.
Miena immigrated to the United States from South korea 16 years ago, and now she creates music that mixes Korean language phrases and imagery with English. In 2006, Miena released the album At the River Again, which touches on her childhood in Korea, her family members and natural themes like wildlife, trees and water. Her folk-driven sound carries influences from American songstresses Tracy Chapman and Lucinda Williams.
In August 2006 Miena was a featured artist in the Spark episode, "Steppin' Out," on KQED Public Television. she was interviewed with Joe Sonja, Radio Station KKUP 91.5 FM in November. Since 2006, Miena has been a featured musician enriching the cultural mix for Bread & Roses, a nonprofit organization, at venues throughout the Bay Area.
In the midst of a busy playing schedule and work on her second album, Miena remains focused on giving back to the surrounding community; veteran's hospitals, elderly centers and the UCSF Cancer Center. She shows that individuals still care for people who often feel forgotten and alone. Miena donates all proceeds from her album to stray animal rescue efforts

Please pick up a copy of her CD, At the River Again, and listen to her distinctive soulful voice that conveys deep emotion and moves people's hearts.

Thank you.

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